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Books on Green Design

Recommended list of essential books:

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Design for Sustainability
by Janis Birkeland
Publisher: Earthscan Publications, 2002
'Covers applications in industrial design, materials, housing design, urban planning and transport, landscape and agriculture, and energy and resource use.'

Ecodesign: The Sourcebook
by Alastari Fuad-Luke
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2002
'showcases some of the most innovative, environmentally friendly products and prototypes from around the world. The 700-some designs include furniture, appliances, vehicles and electronics.'

The Green Imperative: Natural Design for the Real World
by Victor Papanek
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1995
'ecologically sound design of everything from food packaging to buildings - offers practical suggestions for adding sustainable principles to any design project.'

The Philosophy of Sustainable Design
by Jason F. McLennan
Publisher: Ecotone Publishing Company LLC, 2004
'a compelling vision of sustainable design in its historical and philosophical context.'

Ecological Design
by Sim Van Der Ryn, Stuart Cowan
Publisher: Island Press, 1995
'with nature's processes-can be applied at all levels of scale, creating revolutionary forms of buildings, landscapes, cities, and technologies.'

Design with Nature
by Ian L. McHarg
Publisher: Wiley; New Ed edition, 1995
'has done much to redefine the fields of landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, and ecological design.'

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
by William McDonough / Michael Braungart
Publisher: North Point Press, 2002
'offer several compelling examples of corporations that are not just doing less harm--they're actually doing some good for the environment and their neighborhoods'

The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products
by Edwin Datschefski
Publisher: Rotovision - May, 2001
'reveals which companies are producing goods that achieve "total beauty" products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are environment- and worker-friendly as well.'

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