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Aesthetics and Form Books

Recommended list of essential books:

Product Design
. Automobile Design 
. Toy Design




By Nature's Design
-an Exploratorium Book
by William Neill (Photographer), Pat Murphy, Exploratorium (Organization)
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 1993
'about order and pattern in nature with wonderful and informative visuals'

Geometry of Design:
Studies in Proportion and Composition
by Kimberly Elam
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press, 2001
'exploring the visual relationships that have foundations in mathematics '

On Growth and Form

by Darcy Wentworth Thompson, John Tyler Bonner (Editor), D"Arcy Thompson
'about the 'theory of transformation' that one species evolves into another by large-scale transformations involving the body as a whole'

Power of Limits
by Gyorgy Doczi
Publisher: Shambhala; Reissue edition, 1981
'priciples of patterns and structures found in the both the natural and manmade world.

Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice (Art and Imagination)
by Robert Lawlor
'Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1989
'explores the meanings and symbolism of sacred geometry'

The Fourth Dimension: Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics
by Rudolf Steiner, David Booth (Introduction)
Publisher: Steiner Books, 2001
'essays on the significance and concept of the fourth dimension'

The Golden Ratio: The Story of PHI, the World's Most Astonishing Number by Mario Livio
Publisher: Broadway, 2003
'phi is seen through art and architecture, botany and biology, physics and mathematics'

Picture Theory: Essays on Verbal and Visual Representation
by W. J. T. Mitchell Publisher: University Of Chicago Press, 1995
'offers a rich account of the interplay between the visible and the readable across culture, from literature to visual art to the mass media'

Visual Intelligence: Perception, Image, and Manipulation in Visual Communication
by Anne Marie Seward Barry
Publisher: State University of New York Press, 1997
'about how we derive meaning from images, the perceptual process, how it has evolved, and the role it plays in our thinking'

Language of Vision
By Gyorgy Kepes
Publisher: Dover Publications, 1995
'analysis of the effect of visual language on the structure of human consciousness, the elements of line and form are perceived, etc.'

Information Architects  
by Richard Saul Wurman, Watson-Guptill Pubns, 1997

Iconology: Image, Text, Ideology
by W. J. T. Mitchell Publisher: University Of Chicago Press; Reprint, 1987
'explores the nature of images by comparing them with words, or, more precisely, by looking at them from the viewpoint of verbal language'

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