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Tata Elxsi
based in Bangalore, provide integrated services towards product innovation, design and development for customers across the world. Includes experts from design research, design planning, Industrial design, graphic design, Interface design, mechanical engineering, tool design and manufacturing.. Product Design
. Auto Design
. Interface Design
. Engineering Design
phone: 091 80 22979123
Southern India

Tessaract Design
Based in Bangalore, the Tessaract Design studio conceives and implements innovative design solutions for products, workplaces and retail environments. Designers work with architects, engineers and technicians in a well equipped studio with facilities for prototype development.. Retail Design
. Brand Design
. Furniture Design
. Graphic Design
phone: 091 80 5715179 / 136
Southern India

The Grafiosi
This New Delhi based firm - believes in moving beyond boundaries while setting a standard for itself and its clients.. Identity Design
. Print Design
. Packaging Design
. Interactive Design
. Environment Design
phone: +91.9811 510 755
Northern India

Thunk in India
based in Chennai - explore with household, industrial and natural waste materials. Vision is to innovate with everyday waste materials, whether it is household waste or industrial waste or natural waste.. Product Design
. Product Development
. Product from Waste
phone: +91 9677757517
Southern India

Trancend Consulting
Based in Bangalore, expertise is in understanding, integrating and applying insights and brand strategy to create business and customer value.. Brand Design
. Packaging Design
. Set Design
phone: 091 98451 78092
Southern India

TSK Design
Based in Bangalore, the tsk Design team, consisting of highly qualified design professionals trained in leading institutions across the world, produces strong and effective brand solutions for a range of Indian and multinational clients.. Strategic Design
. Brand Design
. Publication Design
. Graphic Design
phone: 091 80 2529 4951
Southern India

TYCKA Design
based in Bangalore, TDI group is a team of professional designers strategically operating to provide high quality and cost effective product design/ Industrial design services... Product Design
. Product Development
phone: +91 80 4091 5167
Mob : +98451 65361
Southern India

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