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Falkon Design
Falkon Design is based in Bangalore - believes in incorporating the most sensible and simplest of' forms in Visual Communication. Web Design
. GraphicDesign
phone: 091 80 2676 3076
Southern India

First Rain
This is Mumbai based design service firm, with a design philosophy of “From Thought to Finish” which is geared towards providing the client with the utmost peace of mind in the entire design and execution process.. exhibition Design
. Modular Design
. Fabrication
phone: 91 22 2566 2235
Western India

Fisheye Design
This graphic design and consulting firm based in New Delhi believe that ideas make design distinctive and that identity, aesthetics and value make design work. Graphic Design
. Packaging Design
. Identity Design
. Interactive Design
. Environment Design
phone: 091.11.2465 4307/ 4320
Northern India

Forest Creative
Design Studio based in Changanacherry, Kerla - Multidisciplinary design solutions organisation - graphic design, publication design, exhibition design. Graphic Design
. Publication Design
. Exhibition Design
. Print Design
phone: 091 481-2422794 / 3092430
Southern India

Forte Design Solutions
Based in New Delhi - professionals spend a lot of time designing and implementing marketing promotions for corporates such as logos, websites, brochures, letterhead, business cards and more.. Identity Design
. Website Design
. Advertising Design
info[at] phone: 091 011 46620077Northern India

Fractal Ink Design Studio
In Fractal Link design studio, aesthetics meet logic and design meets technology to form one of the leading design houses for interactive media. From conceptualization to implementation, we offer a one-stop solution for every interactive design need.. Graphic Design
. Brand Design
. Web Design
phone: 091 22 25285940, 25284380
Western India

FT Design
Federal Technologies Design' based in Bangalore from initial concept to manufacture, exploring the wide variety of alternative paths for Product Development while trying to harmonize the requirements of marketing, production and finance. Thus offering 'total design' solutions to our projects.. Product Design
. Engineering Design
ftstudio@fedtec.comphone phone: 091 - 80 - 2227 5040Southern India

Futuring Design
based in Mumbai and Pune - is a multi disciplinary design studio, committed to Design for Good - an user focused approach to design & development of products, providing innovative solutions.. Product Design . Design Research . Product Development . Prototyping and model makingnfo[at]
phone: 091 22 28594394, 2859 6358
Western India

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