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Eureka Moment Design Company
Eureka Moment based in Mumbai is a group of dedicated, ready-to-take-on-the-world young designers who specialize in visual communication, theme interior, exhibition, signage, furniture and product design.. Publication Design
. Exhibition Design
. Interior Design
. Signage Design
. Product Design
phone: 091 22 2385 1546/7/8
Western India

Lemon Design
Based in Poona, provides effective and innovative solutions to client's needs - turns strategy into visual expression and visual expression into market success.. Retail Design
. Brand Design
. Graphic Design
. Product Design
phone: 091 20 683 6837
Western India

Lucid Design
Design Studio based in Bangalore, wants to do things differently. wants to be sustainable. wants to change the way people live.. Identity Branding
. Packaging Design
. Web Design
. Product Design
phone: 091 - 99803 80909
Southern India

Mirajker Design
Mirajker Design based in Chennai provides industrial design services for the engineering industry with facilities and skills to transfer a concept sketch to the drawing board, create layouts, technical drawings, CG 3D-renderings and well-finished models and prototypes.. Automobile Design
. Product Design
phone: 091 - 44-2846 0075, 2846 0638
Southern India

Skinny Zebra
a startup studio based in Chennai - No matter the size or scale of the clients, Skinny Zebra prides on offering the clients that extra little bit of spark.. Print Design
. Packaging Design
. Web Desiign
. Product Design
phone: 091-44-28193021/
0 91-44-28192906
Southern India

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