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5th Quadrant
This New Delhi based firm deals with graphic design, branding, product design, packaging, identity management, retail design and automobile design.. Graphic Design
. Retail Design
. Brand Design
. Packaging Design
. Retail Design
. Automobile Design
phone: 091 11 2435 4251
Northern India

Mumbai based - teaches Animation, Graphics and Visual Communication in Colleges. 3D Animation
phone: 091 9920080009
/ 26108082
Western India

Maya Entertainment Ltd
Mumbai based computer animation and visual effects studio for film and television - equipped to support worldwide clients. 3D Animation
. Game Design
. Visual Effects
phone: 91 22-2673 1145/6/7/8
Western India

This Bengaluru based firm Paprikaas is a full-service digital animation animation, VFX & Game Development company specializing in the creation of 3D animation, Visual Effects & Games. 3D Animation
. Game Design
. Visual Effects
phone: 091 80 51121885/
Southern India

UTV Toons
Based in Mumbai, boasts a facility with over 700 skilled artists. Armed with Light-Boxes, Pencils and over 100 workstations of digital software tools, our artists will produce more than 2500 minutes of animation for TV and Film every year. 2D 3D Animation
. Flash Animation
phone: 091 22 857 4566
Western India

Zero-G Design
Based in Hyderabad, - with a vision to create unique design experiences and inspiring visual stories. Believes and practises design that provides unique brand value and the means for it to rise beyond itself. Identity design
. Print Design
. Interactive Design
. Motion Graphics
phone: 091 9849675252
Southern India

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