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Yeshwant Chaudhary

Series on design masters in India:


Yeshwant Chaudhary graduated being first in the class from the Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts at Bombay.

In the late 50's he did post-graduate studies at the Central School pf Art and Design, London and took additional courses in exhibition design, film as art, advertising management and philosophy.

After graduation, he worked with Hans Schleyer R D in London.

In the 60's he joined CIBA in Switzerland and came to India to establish their corporate communications. He was the deputy manager.

Later on he established his own firm 'Communica Corporate Communications' with activities such as film-making, audio-visuals, design services and corporate identity programs.

Works 1 -Identity - logos

Works 2 -Posters and Packaging

Logos & Identity

& Posters

  Cultural Map of India, 1985          Cultural Map of India, 1985      Cultural Map of India, 1985

* Images/text in this section courtesy 'The Korean Design Journal' and thanks to Sudarshan Dheer for sharing the documents

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